The Daily Buffett

This book is designed for readers to finish one page per day. On each page, you will find a quote from Warren Buffett, followed by a brief reflection on how its wisdom can guide us to a more meaningful, successful, and fulfilling life.

Warren Buffett's approach to investing is renowned for its simplicity, patience, and long-term perspective. But his wisdom extends far beyond the realm of finance. Buffett's philosophy, grounded in common sense and integrity, offers valuable lessons for all aspects of life.

This book is not just for seasoned investors. Whether you're a novice investor, an operator, or simply someone seeking wisdom for daily life, Buffett's insights has something to offer you.

Note from Scott: This book is a work-in-progress. I'll be adding more chapters very soon, so please subscribe below to get the latest. It's possible that the chapter order will change, but I'll try to keep that to a minimum.

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July 1st: The Power of Steady Growth

July 2nd: The Illusion of Forecasts

July 3rd: The Power of Durable Moats

July 4th: The Pursuit of Passion

July 5th: Embrace the Downturns

July 6th: Investing in Time

July 7th: The Power of Consistency

July 8th: The Responsibility of Wealth

July 9th: The Power of Resilience

July 10th: Stay the Course

July 11th: Prioritize Your Future

July 12th: Invest in Exceptional Individuals

July 13th: The Language of Numbers

July 14th: Actions Over Words

July 15th: The Power of Perseverance

July 16th: The Human Element of Business

July 17th: The Power of Patience and Diversification

July 18th: Investing Beyond Leadership

July 19th: The Friend Within Time

July 20th: The Moat of 'No'

July 21st: The Power of Yawns

July 22nd: The Dance of Skill and Chance

July 23rd: The Cost of the Chase

July 24th: Finding Value in Yawns

July 25th: Profitability with Purpose

July 26th: The Power of Patience

July 27th: A Reflective Rearview

July 28th: The Sound of Silence

July 29th: The Value of Approximation

July 30th: The Wealth of Experience

July 31st: The Art of Inaction


August 1st: The Power of Resilience

August 2nd: The Power of Patience

August 3rd: The Hidden Costs

August 4th: The Value of Financial Stability

August 5th: The Art of Waiting

August 6th: The Illusion of Safety

August 7th: The Applause and The Yawns

August 8th: The Illusion of Easy Money

August 9th: The Power of Daily Habits

August 10th: The Power of Yawns

August 11th: The Investment of a Lifetime

August 12th: The Power of a Falling Market

August 13th: The Power of Deliberate Thought

August 14th: The Wisdom of Reading

August 15th: The Currency of Trust

August 16th: True Value

August 17th: The Power of Patience

August 18th: Dare to Diverge

August 19th: The Art of Investing

August 20th: Investor Beware

August 21st: The Power of Yawns

August 22nd: The Power of Compound Interest

August 23rd: The Price of Value

August 24th: Time for a Trim

August 25th: The Wisdom of Steadfast Investing

August 26th: The Gift of Honesty

August 27th: The Allure of Speculation

August 28th: The Value of Time

August 29th: The Power of Simplicity

August 30th: The Power of Culture

August 31st: The Silent Accumulation


September 1st: The Traps of Success

September 2nd: The Purpose of Wealth

September 3rd: The Art of Problem Avoidance

September 4th: Embracing Uncertainty

September 5th: The Long Game

September 6th: The Guiding Torchbearers

September 7th: Ignorance is the Enemy

September 8th: The Power of the Understated

September 9th: The Bridge to Growth

September 10th: The Simplicity Advantage

September 11th: The Compounding Power

September 12th: The Pursuit of Passion

September 13th: Embracing Fear, Seizing Opportunity

September 14th: The Art of Patient Investment

September 15th: The Power of Conviction

September 16th: The Cycle of Fortune

September 17th: Playing with Fire

September 18th: Navigating the Fog

September 19th: The Test of Time

September 20th: Contagion of Risk

September 21st: The Allure of Quick Profits

September 22nd: From Labor to Liberty

September 23rd: The Cost of Enthusiasm

September 24th: The Silent Tax

September 25th: The Wisdom of Self-Awareness

September 26th: The Path of Sustainable Returns

September 27th: The Power of Understanding

September 28th: The Value of Education

September 29th: Smart Choices, Lasting Rewards

September 30th: Dance in the Rain


October 1st: The Dance of Patience

October 2nd: The Power of Diligence

October 3rd: The Road Less Applauded

October 4th: Profitable Passion

October 5th: Investing for a Better World

October 6th: The Power of Small Steps

October 7th: The Illusion of Diversification

October 8th: The Power of Leadership

October 9th: The Limitations of Complexity

October 10th: The Power of Discipline

October 11th: Beyond the Facade

October 12th: The Rhymes of History

October 13th: The Alien's View

October 14th: The Humble Advisors

October 15th: The Illusion of Success

October 16th: The Game Within the Game

October 17th: The Impact of Wealth

October 18th: Building the Ark

October 19th: The Game Within

October 20th: The Strength of Restraint

October 21st: The Power of Patient Investments

October 22nd: Unassuming Brilliance

October 23rd: The Intensity of Excellence

October 24th: The Power of Yawns

October 25th: The Pitfalls of Speculation

October 26th: Beyond Knowledge

October 27th: The Power of Thoughtful Independence

October 28th: The True Measure

October 29th: The Power of Patience

October 30th: The Timeless Horizon

October 31st: The Patience Perspective


November 1st: Price and Value

November 2nd: The Art of Intrinsic Value

November 3rd: The Value of Contrarian Voices

November 4th: The Art of Intelligent Investing

November 5th: The Road Less Traveled

November 6th: Amplifying Identity

November 7th: The Pursuit of Quality

November 8th: The Power of Patience

November 9th: The Art of Reputation

November 10th: The Giants Among Us

November 11th: Seizing the Golden Rain

November 12th: The Illusion of Success

November 13th: The Flame Within

November 14th: Beyond the Degree

November 15th: Adapting Aspirations

November 16th: The Illusion of a Timely Exit

November 17th: The Intrinsic Understanding

November 18th: The Leverage Learning Curve

November 19th: The Illusion of Success

November 20th: The Responsibility of Fortune

November 21st: The Integrity Edge

November 22nd: The Power of Integrity

November 23rd: The Price of Power

November 24th: The Power of Emotional Resilience

November 25th: The Currency of Trust

November 26th: Beyond the Market's Mood Swings

November 27th: The Power of Yawns

November 28th: The Humble Sky

November 29th: Fortifying for the Tide

November 30th: Multiple Streams of Wealth


December 1st: The Depth of Commitment

December 2nd: The Leadership Mindset

December 3rd: Future-Focused Investing

December 4th: The Fog of Complexity

December 5th: The Illusion of Gold

December 6th: The Wisdom of Independent Thinking

December 7th: The Power of Selectivity

December 8th: The Kingdom Within

December 9th: Balance and the Pursuit

December 10th: The Illusion of Growth

December 11th: Investing for the Long Haul

December 12th: Unwavering Belief

December 13th: Beyond the Balance Sheets

December 14th: The Power of Humble Ignorance

December 15th: The Safety of Wisdom

December 16th: The Right Heroes

December 17th: Investing in Yourself

December 18th: Possessions as Tools

December 19th: The Wealth of 'Enough'

December 20th: Ignorance is a Liability

December 21st: The Power of Halting

December 22nd: Forecast Folly

December 23rd: The Hidden Costs of Investing

December 24th: The Footprint of a Life

December 25th: Golden Opportunities

December 26th: The Company We Keep

December 27th: The Mentorship Advantage

December 28th: The Trap of Confirmation Bias

December 29th: Unyielding Conviction

December 30th: Navigating the Line

December 31st: Embracing Change


January 1st: The Patience of the Investor

January 2nd: The Power of Knowledge

January 3rd: The Courage to Change

January 4th: Focused Conviction

January 5th: The Price of Stability

January 6th: The Fee that Eats Returns

January 7th: Navigating the Commodities Web

January 8th: The Power of Prudent Patience

January 9th: Bold Convictions

January 10th: Realistic Expectations

January 11th: Focused Conviction

January 12th: The Wisdom of Enduring Knowledge

January 13th: The Silent Wealth Eater

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