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The Wisdom of Enduring Knowledge

January 12th

If you are investing in your education and you are learning, you should do that as early as you possibly can, because then it will have time to compound over the longest period. And that the things you do learn and invest in should be knowledge that is cumulative, so that the knowledge builds on itself. So instead of learning something that might become obsolete tomorrow, like some particular type of software, choose things that will make you smarter in 10 or 20 years.

Warren Buffett

Buffett's wisdom brings to light the importance of seeking knowledge that is cumulative, that has the ability to build on itself over time. The allure of the new and fleeting can be strong, tempting us to invest our time and energy into learning skills that promise immediate returns but may soon become obsolete.

However, the focus should be on acquiring knowledge that has enduring value. Take for instance the principles of value investing, established decades ago and still remaining true today. These principles offer enduring value, unaffected by the latest trends or technological advances.

Such knowledge forms a solid foundation for long-term success. It's akin to planting a tree, nurturing it through its growth and eventually reaping the benefits of its shade and fruit over time. This is the essence of compounding, a principle not only effective in the realm of finance, but also in the pursuit of knowledge.

In this light, the call to action is not to seek immediate gratification but to patiently and consistently invest in acquiring knowledge that will stand the test of time. The dividends from this investment, like any other wise investment, will compound over time, leading to a reservoir of wisdom and insight. And the earlier we start this journey, the longer period we allow for this compounding growth.

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