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The Leadership Mindset

December 2nd

The requisites for board membership should be business savvy, interest in the job, and owner-orientation.

Warren Buffett

Choosing the right people to steer a company is a task of utmost importance. The capability to make sound decisions in both calm and crisis, anticipating challenges, and taking well-calculated risks are integral to this role.

Interest in the role extends beyond passion for the industry. It's about commitment and active engagement in the business, working consistently towards its growth and success.

Thinking like a stakeholder, or having an owner-oriented mindset, means aligning personal success with that of the company. Decisions are made with the long-term success of the company at the forefront, rather than short-term gains.

Whether you are appointing leaders or stepping into a leadership role yourself, the traits of being business savvy, having a genuine interest, and an owner-oriented mindset are the foundations of success. The complexity of business requires such leadership to steer the company towards prosperity, even in turbulent times.

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