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The Humble Sky

November 28th

Naming the plane has not been easy. I initially suggested ‘The Charles T. Munger.’ Charlie countered with ‘The Aberration.’ We finally settled on ‘The Indefensible.'

Warren Buffett

The story behind Buffett and Munger's private plane naming highlights a valuable lesson in humility, self-deprecation and the power of laughter. Despite their towering success, these men consistently keep their egos in check, acknowledge their aberrations, and even find humor in their own contradictions. This emphasizes the importance of a grounded perspective in the world of investing.

This anecdote also illustrates the significance of collaboration and compromise in the business realm. Two of the most successful investors didn't always have identical viewpoints, yet they navigated their disagreements with respect and humor, finding a common ground. It serves as a reminder that the world of business is not solely about figures and strategies but also about maintaining relationships and the ability to negotiate differences.

So as we tread the path of investment, we should remember to keep our egos aside, embrace our missteps, valuing the power of compromise and the strength in maintaining relationships. And yes, a little humor along the way doesn't hurt.

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