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The Right Heroes

December 16th

Tell me who your heroes are and I'll tell you who you’ll turn out to be.

Warren Buffett

Having heroes is about more than admiration—it's an unconscious commitment to the values you uphold and the journey you choose. The individuals we regard as heroes are reflections of our deepest aspirations and principles.

Think about Buffett, who held Benjamin Graham and Philip Fisher in high esteem. Their teachings on value investing were not just admired by Buffett, they were absorbed and woven into his own ethos.

So, the real essence of heroism isn't just in being awe-struck by someone. It's about the thoughtful process of choosing heroes who guide us to become better versions of ourselves. Heroes who influence our decisions, encourage resilience in challenging times, and nurture a long-term vision.

So, as we navigate the realm of investing and the journey of life, it’s not just about having heroes. It's about having the right heroes. The ones who lead you to your desired future and guide you towards becoming who you aspire to be.

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