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The Simplicity Advantage

September 10th

There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult.

Warren Buffett

In the realm of investing, one might be drawn towards intricate techniques or novel strategies promising quick returns. This complexity, however, often serves as a distraction, leading us away from the strategies that have consistently proven effective. Simplicity and patience, such as buying and holding solid stocks over the long term, might not be as exciting as day trading or exotic financial instruments, but they demonstrate steady, reliable growth.

This tendency to overcomplicate might stem from a desire to feel in control, as if we are outsmarting the markets. Or it might be a form of self-sabotage, a subconscious belief that success must be accompanied by struggle. Whatever the cause, it's our responsibility to acknowledge this tendency and consciously choose simplicity over unnecessary complication.

In the world of investing, the path of least resistance often leads to the most sustainable success. As we navigate the complexities of the financial world, we must resist the temptation to make things more difficult than they need to be. After all, the goal of investing is not to make the most complicated moves, but to make the ones that yield the best returns.

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