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Investing in Time

July 6th

The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money.

Warren Buffett

The truly wealthy invest in time, the most precious commodity, irreversible and non-renewable. This concept of investing in time rather than money is a philosophy, an approach to life. It's about focusing on long-term growth, learning, and calculated decision-making. It's about assigning time to pursuits beyond money, enriching life experiences, building relationships, and gaining knowledge.

Conversely, those less fortunate are caught in a cycle of investing solely in money, reacting to meet immediate financial obligations, working overtime, juggling various jobs. This approach leaves little room for long-term planning, much less for personal growth.

The value of time over money is a call to action for everyone, regardless of their financial standing. It's about understanding the impermanence of time and utilizing it wisely. It's a challenge to strive for equilibrium, to find ways to invest in time even when it seems like money dictates our lives. For as in investing, as in life, the consistent effort to value time over immediate profit is often the most rewarding.

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