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Future-Focused Investing

December 3rd

The investor of today does not profit from yesterday’s growth.

Warren Buffett

Investing isn't about riding on the coattails of past victories. Markets evolve, industries shift, and economic circumstances change. Resting on past laurels and relying on old information is akin to driving forward while looking in the rear-view mirror.

Have we allowed the glow of past successes to cloud our judgment of the present? Have we become complacent, trusting in past performance to fuel future profits? The comfort of past growth can be a dangerous lullaby that puts our critical analysis to sleep.

The market is forward-looking. Every price today is a reflection of tomorrow's anticipated earnings. By the time you're investing based on past growth, you're late to the party—the market has already digested that information and moved on. What matters is not what a stock has done, but what it will do.

Investing is a game of continual learning, analysis, and evolution. So let's keep our eyes on the road ahead, not the road behind. Let's anticipate tomorrow's growth today.

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