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Contagion of Risk

September 20th

Derivatives are like sex. It's not who we're sleeping with, it's who they're sleeping with that's the problem.

Warren Buffett

Investment often strays into the complex and opaque realm of derivatives. The risk tied with these instruments isn't always about our direct counter-party, but frequently lies in the web of other players connected to our counter-party, often hidden in the shadows. Unpredictable and far-reaching, risk in derivatives trading can ricochet across this network, rippling far and wide, similar to the spread of infectious diseases.

The transparency in derivatives trading is often in question. In this complex market, the true risk associated with these financial instruments may be obscured or even misunderstood, mirroring the undisclosed aspects of relationships.

But there is a way to navigate this tangled world. By sticking to what we understand and avoiding the complexities of derivatives, there's a chance to find security in our investments. By sidestepping the contagion of risk and choosing investments we truly comprehend, our financial stability can rest more soundly.

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