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The Currency of Trust

August 15th

If you can't tell whose side someone is on, they are not on yours.

Warren Buffett

Trust in the investing world is fundamental. Investors must believe in the companies they commit resources to, the collaborators they work with, and the counselors they depend on. When the loyalty of an individual or organization is in question, caution must supersede trust.

This importance of fidelity extends well beyond investing. Business relationships and partnerships thrive or perish on the bedrock of trust. If loyalty is ambiguous, it paves the path to discord, missed chances, and potential double-crossing. This principle holds weight in our personal lives too. If someone's allegiance is unclear, it's safe to assume it's not towards you.

Thus, it’s imperative to choose our associates wisely, both professionally and personally. It's a call for transparency, loyalty, and shared interests. Let's not forget, the measure of reliability is not just about evaluating others; it's also about being someone whom others can depend on. If we remain transparent and loyal, we will naturally attract the same. Remember, in business and in life, trust is a two-way street.

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