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Beyond the Degree

November 14th

Our experience with newly-minted MBAs has not been that great. Their academic records always look terrific and the candidates always know just what to say; but too often they are short on personal commitment to the company and general business savvy. It’s difficult to teach a new dog old tricks.

Warren Buffett

The distinction between academic achievements and real-world business acumen is clear in the world of investing. The process of earning an MBA can equip one with the theoretical knowledge and polished responses, but it often falls short in instilling a genuine commitment to a company and an intuitive understanding of the marketplace.

The value of personal dedication to a company cannot be overstated. This commitment, far more than rote learned responses, is what propels a company and its investors forward. It creates a sense of steadfastness, an unwavering belief in the potential of the business that can weather the ups and downs of the financial world.

Similarly, the practical know-how of the business world, the ability to navigate its intricacies, to sense opportunities, and sidestep pitfalls, is a trait that can't be learned in a lecture hall. This instinctive business savvy proves invaluable when it comes to making sound investment decisions and positioning a company for long-term success.

This highlights the need for a balanced approach. While an MBA degree might open doors and provide a solid theoretical foundation, it's the old tricks of hard work, loyalty, and practical business acumen that ultimately drive success. So, in the grand scheme of your career remember, it's not just about the degree you hold, but how you apply what you've learned in the real world.

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