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True Value

August 16th

It's better to have a partial interest in the Hope diamond than to own all of a rhinestone.

Warren Buffett

Investing in high-quality, enduring assets, even in smaller quantities, can yield greater returns in the long run than pouring resources into seemingly attractive yet ultimately hollow investments. A radiant and larger asset, represented here by the rhinestone, may sparkle brightly, attracting attention and creating the illusion of success. However, its luster is superficial and temporary, lacking genuine value.

On the contrary, an investment with enduring worth, shared among others and symbolized by the Hope diamond, possesses a timeless allure. Its value isn't diminished by shared ownership; instead, it exemplifies the power of shared success and wealth.

As investors, choosing our assets wisely is paramount. It's about understanding the nature of value and not being misled by the superficial. An investment's worth should be determined by its underlying quality and potential for long-term returns, not by its ability to dazzle at first glance.

This approach reinforces the necessity for patience and discernment, both in investing and in life. It's about sincerity in our pursuits, about seeking real, enduring value — not just the immediate flash and sparkle.

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