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Embracing Uncertainty

September 4th

If you wait till you know everything, it's too late.

Warren Buffett

Investing isn’t about having complete knowledge or perfect clarity before making a move. The future is inherently unknowable, and waiting for absolute certainty often means missed opportunities.

Uncertainty, daunting as it may be, is a friend rather than a foe to the long-term investor. In the vagueness of the future, opportunities bloom. Slight discomfort in the face of unknowable outcomes is the price paid for the chance to gain long-term values.

The same goes for decision making in our everyday lives. A wait for absolute certainty can lead to paralysis. The unknown should be embraced, with the best decisions made according to the information at hand, while being ready to adapt with newly acquired knowledge. The unknown shouldn't discourage, but instead should be viewed as a landscape to navigate through and acquire wisdom from.

In both investing and life, the readiness to take a plunge even when not all is clear is what differentiates the doers from the bystanders. So, make your move. Don’t wait for perfect knowledge; that’s a luxury no one can afford.

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